Finding Balance in the Kitchen

Life Update: You know things have taken a turn when the kitchen table becomes covered with a leaning pile of mail, semi-folded laundry, your work computer, and hey, the missing set of car keys.

For the last few weeks, I have found myself in this situation. Some days I walk into the apartment to find the table set for dinner with a flower centerpiece and all. Other days, it falls short of those expectations. And every time I don’t leave the kitchen set up for myself, I end up with the same question: how did this happen?

To anyone who is not me, this probably seems like a case of disorganization, to which I don’t disagree. There are definitely opportunities for me to better plan for the next day. But I think there’s something more going on, too.

I noticed that my space becomes jumbled when I experience multiple new situations in my personal, social, and professional lives at once. Think about that. As someone who is new to the game of adulthood, most of the things I do every week are still brand new to me. Every goal, every process, every result is trial and error. And yet, the only true error I have made up to this point has been to not focus on taking care of myself.

Now for the record, my kitchen table is a small slab of wood that barely seats two people. Its legs are uneven and its chairs are creaky and mismatched. It is the first set of furniture I have owned in my adult life. Still, it is perfect. Anytime I am overly prepared or mentally occupied, it showcases those moments. It is the place where I have learned how great, and truly awful, my cooking can be, and the setting where I have had some of the best conversations with the coolest people.

At this point, if I see a mess, I know that it’s time to push everything to the side, make a big pasta dinner, think about the day, and then get back on track. I understand now that it’s not in my best interest to finish a to do list if I am hungry or tired or restless because in reality, the tasks will be there when I’m ready. I am aware of their deadlines, but I won’t prioritize them over my own well being.

For an additional perspective, listen to my grandma on the importance of sharing and building upon a living space:

2 thoughts on “Finding Balance in the Kitchen

  1. That makes SO MUCH sense about doing the self care part first! I’ve never seen it articulated this way before. Clutter like that IS a different beast than rote disorganization. Also, you buy flowers for your table?! Stealing that too. Thank you!! (And love hearing the interview-incredible)


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