Steep of the Week | 5 Minutes for Me

Dear Friends,

This is a reminder that, despite all of your work deadlines and family obligations, there is always time to treat yourself. And if you don’t have time, you’re lying.

Recently, one of the biggest misconceptions I’ve noticed is that there is a formula for self-care. Recharging includes taking bubble baths, doing community yoga three times a week, posting pictures of your breakfast and bullet journals, and sometimes taking weekend trips to nearby destinations.

I don’t list these methods to discredit them, but rather to recognize that they’re not realistic for many people. In fact, the most useful tool I’ve come across takes a fraction of the time and is free: Every day, I use five minutes to visualize anything I want. Sometimes I imagine future trips I want to take. Other times I pretend to find the solution to a problem I’ve been having. Lately, I’ve been focusing on developing the characteristics I appreciate in others.

The key is to take ownership. If you let your mind wander towards other interests or goals, you will not feel stagnant. Actually, daily tasks will become easier and your final results will be better than before.

Give it a try and let me know what you find!



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